My brain never shuts off. I’m a brainstormer. And, like many brainstormers, sometimes I feel like I come accross a genius idea and I just HAVE to do something about it…

So here we are.

Not that I should claim that even a portion of my ideas are genius (well, maybe a portion), but I do really enjoy…nay…FEED off sharing my discoveries. This blog is my recount of all the successes and failures of my incessant dappling, sleepless nights, “Eureka!” moments, daydreams, and frantic list making.

I guess you could say I’m part creator, part inventor, part one of those annoying “I’m a victim of being good at many things” people who have “multiple interest disorder” and suffer from “superhero syndrome”.

Ugh. I hate those people.

They tend to use a lot of “air quotes”, too.

Anyway, a bit about me: I’m a mom of one beautiful little girl (more in the hopeful near futue), wife to an incredible husband, and member of an amazingly close-knit, loving family. My husband and I are in the process of buying a new home that will be a fixer-upper (Ooo! Projects!). We’re foodies, but not the annoying kind. Well, maybe a little annoying. We love trying new restaurants, recipes, and cooking together. We also love going to comedy shows together. We were both homeschooled, so we feel pretty strongly about homeschooling our kids, so you can expect a lot relating to this on my blog. Let’s see, what else?… I guess you could say I’m a wannabe fitness aficionado. I know a fair amount about health and fitness through self-teaching. I practiced yoga for eleven years before I got pregnant, but then I had a minor set back. I may post about this sometime in the future. Bottom line, I could advise a bit on fitness, but I’m not currently sporting the credentials, nahmean?

I have about five children’s book ideas in the works, as well as a million other ideas half-finished or not even left the drawing board. I love writing, researching, handywork, etc.I plan on opening an online shop in the future for my handmade items and paintings. You will definitely see some of my projects listed on this site. It’ll give me a chance to talk about them.

Honestly, I really have no idea what I’m talking about half the time. But my hope is that–even though I’m pulling many of these thoughts and ideas out of thin air–someone, somewhere, will get something out of this blog. If not, I guess this is just a public lab journal.

Hmm, I guess I’m okay with that.

Either way. Thanks for reading!